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At work like
Customer: why is x so much money
Me: instead of asking me, the suffering proletariat ask why we continue to let capitalism do us like this. 5.38 please.

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some white boy: why is it called history— why not herstory? makes u think huh?

y’all: omg he’s a feminist *leaks* imma make a home for his dick inside me.

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me:  goes to lowes

lowes man:  how can I help you son

me:  first of all I am not your son.  second of all im only here because I love the thick stench of wood fibers and industrial chemicals

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*takes a blurry iphone pic of the hole i bit in my tongue* for the gore blogs

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i’m ok!! i didnt mean to freak anyone out i just cannot BELIEVE that happened. TV shows and movies did not prepare me for hurtling into a fucking cement guardrail. my jaw hurts and I can’t chew so good but i’ll just go to urgent care tomorrow if it’s still bad. once again, thanks Obama

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like two hours ago i had an accident on the freeway and i hit the guardrail doing like, 60. my jaw hurts and everything sucks and i need a new car. thanks obama 👍

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